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Hello…and happy Monday! I’m not sure if I’m ready for the week, but here it is anyway no matter what I do, say or think. Have you ever had one of those weekends you wished would never end? I know…silly question.

First on the menu was lunch and the eye doctor with friends on Friday. We all go to the same eye doctor office in Santa Monica which is right across the street from the cutest restaurant called Milo & Olive, which I’ve always wanted to try but never get to because I’m always rushing back to beat traffic.


But not this time since we planned to hang out. Traffic was so bad getting there though, we thought for sure we would be super late to our appointments.


It was lunchtime, so it was crowded, but my friends got coffee while we waited to be seated.

coffee-milo-and-oliveWe ordered salads hoping they would be ready fast…and they were. And they were delicious!


Soooo good – snap  peas and cherries, avocado, hazelnuts ordered by two of us…I was in love.


And arugula salad for my other friend. The pictures aren’t great since there was no time to spare…we had to chow down. I can not wait to go back!

After our appointments, one friend had to leave, but me and my other friend were like, hey, we should stop by our old office and say hi! They were already closed for the day, so no luck there. And instead of doing some necessary errands, we decided to go walk around the Venice Canals.


red-boat-venicegreen-boats-venicelilly-venicethree-boats-venicevenice-canals-signboats-parkingcolors-of-venicevenice-shadowssucculent-garden-venicevenice-bridgeIt was nice to dream… like how fun it would be to kayak to your neighbor’s house to borrow a cup of flour!

So now it was time to start those errands. First stop – boots for work. I used to live on the westside, so my friend was very excited to hear me reminisice about EVERYTHING…ohhh, there’s my old Costco; and my old bank; that’s the Best Buy I used to go to; and my Kaiser Permanente; and…and…and….so to make up for it, we stopped to get cupcakes in Manhattan Beach.


Cupcakes aren’t rabbit food (see my shirt a few pictures up)…oh how I struggle! There’s always tomorrow…

Next stop was (ohhh, this used to be my) REI. I ended up going there not only on Friday, but Saturday and Sunday as well! And I’m still not done…


kayaksBesides REI, Saturday was just more errands, none of which I took pictures of. You can thank me later…ha ha.

On Sunday, my family came over to celebrate Father’s Day. We started off by visiting an old co-worker of my dad’s. Then we hit up a new restaurant called ARO Latin.

empanadasquesadillathe-ramWe ordered a bunch of small dishes and shared…everything was great! The only bummer was watching Honduras lose to France…

Then we trained it to Pasadena to catch the Pasadena Chalk Festival.

chalk-1chalk-lionkings-chalkbutterfly-chalkfish-chalkquetzal-chalkchalk-flowersFinally, we hit up an antique shop on our way back. Like for a minute, because somebody wanted to get home to watch some kind of basketball game…it was his day after all.

antique-shop-bikedishes-antiqueantique-bottleThat pretty much sums it up. The non-glamourous side of the weekend included cleaning out my drawers and closet…I guess I should say starting to clean out…since I still have big piles all over the place. It’s time to get rid of a lot of stuff!


Phew…this was a long post! What was the highlight of your weekend?



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