the weight of the day…

I’ve said it before…Mondays are hard. Whatever the reason, be it coming back from a fabulous weekend; anticipating a crazy and hectic week; or just plain summer fever – that cat knew what he was talking about.

As I sat snugly squished between my fellow train commuters this past Monday, my heart was heavy. Not only was I tired and cranky from staying up late the night before so I could tell the world how awesome my weekend was, I was paralyzed in thought about how un-awesome the weekend may have been for those who consider Father’s Day nothing more than a painful reminder of past and present hurts.

How many people in this world

…were abandoned by their father?

…were abused by their father?

…were neglected by their father?

…were unloved by their father?

…could never live up to their father’s expectations?

…haven’t seen or spoken to their father in years?

…watched their father abuse their mother?

…watched their father cheat on their mother?

…never hug their father?

…resent their husband for being a terrible father?

…have to/refuse to visit their father in jail?

…saw the downward spiral of their father due to alcohol or drugs?


…never knew their father?

…have nobody to call father?

…lost their father too soon?

…long to be a father, but can’t?

…lost a child, thus feeling stripped from their role as father?

…witnessed their father suffer through illness?

Oh the pains and hurts and tragedies that this world endures. A sweet fellow blogger eloquently states “We all carry hearts that have been both bruised and blessed by our earthly parents. And the only way to reconcile the unmet longings and unfilled gaps is to turn to the only Father who will step in, hold you up, meet your needs, love you perfectly, always keep His word, and never disappoint”.

If we seek God, know God, and depend on God, our pains will be lifted; our scars will be healed; our dark days will see light…

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