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And just like that…it’s a new year! Ta ta for-ever 2014, you are now only memories of memories! But before I say goodbye completely, I want to wrap up all the pieces of Panama because that is one memory I don’t want to forget! Of course, if you know my M.O., this could take months…ha ha!


It’s been pretty chilly in Los Angeles, almost has that winter-y feel. But I hear we are gearing up for some heat this week. So in honor of sunshine and hot temps, pack your bags and come with me to the islands of San Blas…

I should mention it’s going to be a short trip as I did not take very many pictures. After La Conga, I was in complete and total relaxation mode. And taking pictures just seemed like a lot of work!

So before heading to Panama, 6 of us decided to extend our stay and experience island life; we sure wished the rest of the team could have stayed with us! Emily from Australia booked us an all-inclusive package deal for 2 nights/3 days where we camped on the beach. I got my own tent because nobody wanted to share with me…I caught me a little something something in La Conga and was coughing like crazy. Of course, I did have to share with all of the sand crabs and ants…


As we were riding in the boat to our destination, I remember saying, “We don’t deserve this!” It was so beautiful…the salty sea air; the azure waters; the thought of no roosters to wake us up! It was the perfect way to unwind after a week of tough manual labor.


Our days were going to be full of swimming, snorkeling, eating, hammock-ing, siesta-ing, and just plain relaxing. I thought for sure I would sleep in late the first morning, but I didn’t. I was up early and was swimming before sunrise…it was amazing! palms-san-blas






Below is the main house where we stored our bags. Our tents were way too tiny to keep anything with us.


The baños. The ever-so-challenging-baños.


I was really excited when I found out the guy who was cooking for us was a vegetarian, and that our meals were all going to be vegetarian (well, breakfast and dinner)! Unfortunately, it wasn’t that good. And after a week of rice in La Conga, I was just craving me a smoothie! For lunch we would take a boat to a nearby island, and the non-vegetarians (aka everyone but me) were happy to eat fish!



One day we snorkeled at a shipwreck…we saw so many cool fishes! I’m sure if I wrote this post, oh say 6 months ago, it would have been a lot more detailed! But you get the point…sand; ocean; hammock; relax. Next stop will be Casco Viejo!

Want to see the more? Enjoy this cool aerial footage shot by Blake!

Happy new year!

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