Hiya! Hope you all had a nice weekend…mine was productive and relaxing, and included a little local exploring (sorry, no pictures)! I have no interest in football, so no…no Super Bowl for me!

Anyway, a few weeks ago I celebrated my birthday. Another birthday…which of course triggers thoughts of where I am and where I’ve been, along with thoughts of who I am and who I’ve been. You see, I’ve been mid-life crisising long before anyone my age should be…and birthdays definitely don’t help in the matter! But this year I just tried to embrace it all with laughter and a smile. I realize I have had some good times, and I have gone through some tough times. It’s what makes me me. Time will not slow down, and obviously there is no going back. So all I can do is appreciate the blessings that are right in front of me — no matter how small!

So in honor of birthdays and “embracing it all with laughter”…here are a few pictures of past celebrations – some will make you laugh!


OK…technically this could be the 4th of July…but it was just too cute! My parents still have that ugly chair!


My mom made this little robe…loved it!


It feels just like yesterday when I put on my fanciest dress and celebrated my birthday at Carl’s Jr. I even brought my own bun!



I think this was around 3rd grade…Snoopy/ballerina themed part-ay!




OK…so many things going on in this picture. What am I wearing? What is with the backwards hat? And why am i pointing in the obvious wrong direction? This was when I was living in Israel and my parents came to visit – we celebrated my 24th birthday in Egypt.


I think this was soon after I got back from the Peace Corps…my niece and nephew are so little!


Laughing so hard as I was getting my samurai on…


Same birthday…being silly at the mall as everyone kept saying “try this on”...


Joshua Tree…so much fun climbing the rocks and playing monkey!



This was 7 years ago in snowy Lake Arrowhead – such a treat!


This was 4 years ago – rooftop party at work…I still own every item of clothing, but I never wear the shirt because I don’t like to iron!



And the last 2 photos are from this year. Older? Yes! Wiser? I hope so! Going down memory lane is always bittersweet…but I am excited for all of God’s present and future plans! Hope you have a great week…I’ll be sharing an easy recipe next time!







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